Workshop Guidance

To ensure a successful and engaging session, please follow the presenter guidelines outlined below:

Time Management:

  • Your workshop duration is limited to 60 minutes, including setup, activities, and a short Q&A session (if applicable).
  • Start and finish your workshop promptly.
  • Collaborate with the conference session chair to ensure smooth transitions and adherence to the schedule.

Delegate Engagement:

  • Dedicate at least 50% of the workshop time to activities that actively engage delegates.
  • Incorporate interactive exercises, group discussions, case studies, or hands-on activities to promote participant involvement.
  • Encourage delegates to share their perspectives, experiences, and insights throughout the workshop.
  • Explain acronyms or specialised terms to ensure clarity and understanding among the diverse audience. Remember that this is an international conference, and delegates come from various countries with different terminology in higher education.
  • The conference delegates represent a diverse range of roles, including Access and Participation practitioners, academic/faculty, educational developers, professional service/student services, students, and student organisations, from across Europe, North America, Australasia, and Africa.

Technical Requirements:

  • You have two options for sharing your presentation: either bring your presentation on a memory stick and use the provided desktop computer or connect your own laptop to the lectern using the provided HDMI cable.
  • Large screens and projectors will be available to display your content effectively.

Available Resources in the Room:

  • The room will be equipped with A4 and A3 paper, a flipchart, flipchart pens, ballpoint pens, and post-it notes.
  • If you require any additional resources or materials specific to your workshop, please bring them with you.

Assistance and Support:

  • An EAN Conference assistant will be present in the room to provide support and assist with any technical or logistical needs.
  • The conference session chair will introduce you and help keep you on schedule, ensuring a smooth flow of the workshop.

Following these presenter guidelines, you will help create an engaging and inclusive workshop experience for the diverse group of delegates attending the EAN Conference. We appreciate your contribution and wish you success in delivering your workshop.